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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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fire companies are to be closed for good. >> and with no prospect of funding being restored, the fire chief is put a plan in motion the he says will stabilize coverage and boost response time. but the rank and file: a dangerous proposition. -- call it a dangerous proposition. >> this is a good example of the changes coming july 1 and the controversy they bring. it is a ladder trucks, trucks, and all the personnel being moved from here to the south utah street station downtown the fire chief says it will put a ladder company amid all the high rises. >> we do not want coverage inner-city, especially for the ems and fires. we want to get there within five minutes. >> but the union president says that replacing truck sex with the city's only specialized rescue unit will leave this peninsula in south baltimore
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.nmanned and exposed progres a match to your backside for extra five minutes and see how that feels. >> it will close three fire companies, fire squad 11, truck 10, and truck 15. >> to permanently disband these companies is more efficient and easier to manage for the chiefs who have to do it day to day. >> no fire stations will be closed and there will be no layoffs. instead, the plan calls for a complex three deployment of resources, including reassignment for some 72 firefighters. >> we are taking some firefighters assigned in one company in one part of the city and placing them in other fire
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stations. >> but wreck hoffman and his rank-and-file are absolutely opposed. >> i think it is a ludicrous plan. i think we're playing a numbers game with people's lives. >> hoffman says he will fight to keep the rotating closures, calling the permanent plan a dangerous proposition. >> we are planning on the citizens' lives and the firefighters' lives. i find it disgusting conversation to have. >> in session 2012, there is a breakthrough in the impasse over state budget negotiations. senate conferees are offering a compromise on two fronts, shifting the cost on teacher pensions and raising the state income-tax rate. senate negotiators say they're willing to go to the house plan of funding 50% of the two chaplains and in the first year and then they are ready to talk about the rest of the negotiations.
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and then raising income tax on single filers making $100,000 or more and on joint filers making $150,000 or more. house negotiators called the offer a good faith effort to come to the metal -- to the middle. the gas spike is 2 cents more than yesterday, 6 cents higher than the national average and 32 cents more than it was a year ago. here's one reason why. >> oil refineries are switching from their winter blend to the more environmentally friendly but costlier spring bland. motorists will now see prices rise at the pump. >> aaa says that despite rumors, they do not anticipate prices will hit the $5 mark this season. if gas prices go up, we're looking at where u-locals are
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showing is competitive prices. >> weekly jobless claims had dropped to the lowest point in four years. >> the new numbers come as president obama signs the new jobs at to help small businesses create new jobs at. >> i want to thank all of you for coming -- >> president obama and top republicans came to the rose garden. the corporate on a bill to help the business start-ups. the number of americans claiming new unemployment benefits last week, 357,000, was the lowest in four years. >> our economy has begun to turn a corner, but we still have a long way to go. we still have a lot of americans out there who were looking for a job. .> this is atlanta airport pet many people are lining up to get a job. 700 people will.
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the bill signed today cuts red tape to promote business start- ups. critics worry wall street giants like goldman sacks might abuse the bill to avoid regulation. the goal is getting financing for small businesses to grow. house republican leader eric cantor -- >> i hope it represents the kind of bipartisan work that we can actually accomplish here in washington over the next few months. we have a very difficult economic situation still. >> a record warm weather is helping a retail clothing sales, outdoor sporting good sales, and that means jobs. >> when we see these retailers do well because of an early spring, many of them will take those sales and continue to create jobs and look for returnees to grow their business and they will need new people to do that. >> more americans hired, music ears as hent obama's year
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runs for reelection. tomorrow is the big jobs report. >> tonight, a child is in serious condition after being hit by a car in west baltimore. police say the child between the ages of 7 and 10 and adding that the driver of the car remained at the scene. this is in anne arundel county. six vehicles crashed near belle grove road in brooklyn park. that is near glen burnie. one of the vehicles was a dump truck. we're told that in all, four people were hurt. two were sent to shock trauma. none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. >> unarmed robbery investigation and baltimore county that have been around 1:00 p.m. at the elbow gold exchange located along the 10,000 block of york road.
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two people are in custody after the crash to their getaway car and then tried to get away on foot. everything that was stolen has been returned. two people arrested in connection to a murder in the missing persons case in baltimore county. john lesean ski and carolyn to shell killed jeffrey jennings. his body was found last september. the three were acquainted and the investigation led to the arrest. the two are being held without bail at baltimore county detention center. >> baltimore county police are investigating a shooting in glen burnie. >> shelvin is live at anne arundel police headquarters. >> there are more questions than answers in this case. but is still early. even though the anne arundel police department does not give a lot of information, they are questioning one person in
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connection to this deadly shooting. >> it is upsetting. you do not want to see this sort of thing in your front yard. >> the gunshots were fired at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> when officers arrived, they found one person shot to death. another person was in the house and is being questioned at this time. >> police will not question the relationship between the two people are the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting other than confirming that it happened. it department spokesperson says that it appears to be an isolated incident. but people nearby say they are concerned. >> it is concerning. bottom line, there are guns. some is dead appeared my kids, not cool. -- someone is dead. my kids, not cool. >> something like that to happen is unusual for us around here. it is nerve racking. >> the 911: not and police detectives continue combing the
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scene. neighbors do not know much about the family involved. but they say that they have two middle school aged children. >> everybody gets along. it's a fine neighborhood. it is never no problems. that is why it is shocking to hear some men like that. it is scary, but we do not know all the details yet. >> police are not looking for a suspect in this case. homicide detectives are still investigating. >> another day has gone by in the retrial of the twin brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire in 2009. injuries saw more photos and videos, including surveillance video of the dog on fire. the judge decided that the testimony will resume on monday after easter because the trial is progressing slowly. as the mystery of the winning
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mega millions ticket continues, lottery officials try to clear up some things for the public today. this afternoon, they said no one has come for to claim the prize. ms. wilson from baltimore says she has a ticket, but has not presented it to lottery officials. there is concern that there is rumors and it could discourage the actual winner from coming forward. >> we want to make sure that the ticket has not been claimed. if someone actually has the winning ticket and they believe that the ticket has been claimed, they will dispose of the winning ticket and you need the ticket to come in and claim. >> we received an update from b.c. who said they spoke to wilson. she claims she has the ticket but lost it. again, here the jackpot winning numbers, 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and the mega ball was 23. you can see more on our website
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at stay tuned for tonight's multi- mash drawing. >> the space telescope institute has named its supernova after the senate's longest serving woman. supernova mikulski was spotted earlier this year by the hubble telescope. >> i really believe that science and technology is what has made our country great. it has created jobs. it has created prosperity. and as signs, we make it available to the world. >> she was presented with a framed photo of her very own supernova and a david desk on it. -- a data disc on it. >> residence in texas are trying
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to pick up whatever they have left after a dozen tornadoes touched down this week. >> we need help. >> i know we cannot go back and our house. we don't have a roof. >> the latest on the recovery effort and has state officials are responding to the devastation. >> it is a day when everyone loves baseball. tomorrow is orioles' opening day. but a special event was held for the fans today. > we have some chilly weather on tap as we head into the holiday weekend. here's a look outside with 46 degrees at the airport.
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>> and 80-year-old wisconsin woman was forced to take control and land the plane. it is not a two-seater either. her husband died of a architect in mid-air. the last time she took any fine lessons -- her husband died of a heart attack in mid-air. the last time she took any flying lessons was 30 years ago. >> do not dive into the runway. you're doing fine. there you go. take her down. nice job, helen! >> amazing. she was hospitalized with cracked ribs. but all told, she is doing well. >> what an amazing story. i love helen. >> i put myself in that position and say i don't know if i could do the same.
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>> i don't either. she is an amazing woman. the cleanup continues in the dallas-fort worth area trace series of powerful tornadoes. >> texans are still happy that no one was killed, but the devastation is great. >> the sounds of recovery echo across north texas. crews working through the wreckage that a string of 13 tornados left by. in some areas, they're using heavy equipment. in others, the work is by hand. for some, all of this debris being pushed into piles as all that is left of their lives before the storm appeared >> we need help. >> i know we can go back in our house. we do not have a roof. >> hoping to provide that help, hundreds of volunteers have poured into the strike zone. sweeping up, scraping up, and
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carrying away with a can. >> they need it. that is why. >> and there is still so much to do here. texas gov. rick perry got a firsthand look at the damage from the air today. >> it is a stunning amount of devastation. so many have lost so much. irreplaceable treasures and things that the men and women that live here two days ago see strewn across the roads and in their yards. and in some places, never able to find them or replace them. >> it is an emotional struggle for survivors battered by violent storms, but not broken. >> forny has done this before. forny has a history of doing what it has to do. >> and some good news tonight
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for crab lovers. the crabbing season has begun here in maryland and the unseasonably warm temperatures has allowed some crabbers to start early. and a message for our viewers. >> i think we will have another really good harvest this year. one thing we are concerned about is the female crabs because of the restrictions that they put on them a couple of years ago. >> the best time for crabbing is actually in a few weeks when the water gets even warmer. >> in the meantime, for orioles fans, tomorrow marks one of the most exciting days of the year, opening day at camden yards. but this afternoon, came for an up close look at the season's starting lineup. they welcomed more than 500 fans to have lunch with the orioles and get autographs from their favorite players. this year, fans are also celebrating the 20th anniversary
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of oriole park at camden yards. the team says they're in for some nice surprises this season. >> it is hard to believe that it has been 20 years at that great ball park. yesterday, had an opportunity to previous some of the exciting new things that will be available to you at orioles park at camden yards. you will be thrilled by what you see. >> it all starts more with the minnesota twins for the season home opener. then it is off to those yankees. >> speaking of the big game tomorrow, let's start with that. if you're lucky enough to be holding tickets, let's look at your gametime forecast. tempter will be in the upper 50's. a northwest wind at 10 m.p.h. to 15 m.p.h. so it may kill cooler than the
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upper-50's we saw there. -- so it may feel cooler than the upper-50's we saw there. this is the front that did it. it stalled along the carolinas. there is a lot of activity along that boundary, showers, thunderstorms, some of it severe. all of that will stay south of baltimore. we will wind up with quiet weather into the weekend. the air is dry and the wind has subsided in little bit. so the temperatures are starting to fall off. in response to these falling temperatures, the weather center has released some freeze advisories pared by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, the temperatures will be at or below freezing. if you want to save the plants they put out too early, you want to cover them.
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we will see a temperature range between 20 degrees to 31 degrees in those suburbs and closer to 40 degrees in downtown baltimore. high pressure will dominate our weather here at home, moving in from the great lakes. that means we should stay dry for the most part for the next three days to four days. but the temperatures will be on the cool side. the forecast for tomorrow is a northwest wind up to 15 miles per hour if you're going to take the boat out on friday, it will be choppy. wave height is 2 feet to 3 feet. in the seven-day forecasts, going into the holiday weekend, it will be called for the next couple of mornings. it will be 30 degrees on sunday morning. but it should make it into the low-60's by sunday afternoon. it will stay rather cool with high temperatures only in the 50's.
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>> buck showalter has always been a good one during his regime. he is optimistic for 2012. that is coming up next in sports. >> hey, rocking with me is the maryland lottery drawing official. the jackpot it has an estimated annuity of $525,000. here are your numbers for tonight. 35, 36, 9, 16, 38, and 22. if no one matches all six numbers on any one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $550,000. the next drawing is monday night at 11:22 p.m. right here at wbal
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>> contract negotiations with joe flacco have dominated the offseason headlines. the contract was wrapped up. it has evolved into the most coveted of players, one was multi-functional. and he is a great teammate. he is the kind of guy around which to build. it has a $10 million signing bonus. congratulations to led various web -- to ledarius webb. a gorgeous thursday afternoon for the orioles workout at camden yards. still not ready to play. will start the season on the dl. buck showalter says that the roster he marked out friday is much more talented.
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the orioles will likely resigned last place again. that is my take. but buck ounce more optimistic. >> we are ready to go and our guys are ready. they'retired of hearing not. >> johns hopkins suffered a loss in lacrosse. they seemed to have a right to their wrongs. taking advantage of teachable moments as well as anyone. you get to do the little things right. in the third quarter, the ball movement and a big shot, the score 8-1. they continue to get bowl
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support. bowen again. 17-6. the capitals have had a disappointing season. however, with the win tonight and regulation time loss for possiblbuffalo. they hustle ball? the capitals ticket 2-0 lead. in the slot, back of the net. the capitals hold on 4-2. they make serious noise in the postseason -- they're headed to the playoffs. looking like the tiger of old, tiger woods would like to get back to chasing jack, jack nicklaus of eight teenagers. tiger has 14 -- of eight majors.
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tiger has 14. this would set up a birdie. however, bogeys at 17 and 18 left him at par for each round. 80 schaub on 10 never found it. -- a tee shot on 10 never found it. that would be a birdie. a round -- tiger manages to keep it together to spill think about winning. >> -- two still think about winning. >> i hit if you lose one's. but, hey, stay committed whenever today happens. i did that today. i really stay committed to whatever i was doing. i made some bad choices. that was fine. >> there may
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>> one more look at the seven- day forecast. if you're going to begin tomorrow, it will be on the cool side but no rain. all three mornings through the holiday weekend will be in the 30's. >> that is a look at our news. >> good night.
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